You have the right to know what health care will cost, and they have the responsibility to tell you.

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I believe everyone has a right to know the price of health care services before receiving care, including cash prices and negotiated rates with health plans, so they can make informed choices when shopping for care and coverage.

I therefore pledge to support elected officials who will endorse and fight for legislation that delivers real price transparency, shoppability, and accountability to our healthcare system.

About the Pledge

Healthcare price transparency is a rare bipartisan issue—with almost 90% public support. A whopping 98% of women age 40 and under support it. Yet, efforts to make price transparency a reality have been clouded and shrouded by healthcare lobbyists and special interest groups who want to keep patients in the dark.

That’s why we created the Patient Protection Pledge: to shine a light on the issue, to hold candidates and elected officials accountable for delivering transparency and competition to our healthcare system once and for all, and to make healthcare price transparency the law of the land.

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